Last Day in Paris. :0(

Saturday was my last day in Paris, regrettably. :0( The one nice thing though was that Owen had a free day to do as he pleased (no seminars) so we got to spend the day together, which was really nice. :0)

The idea of going to Versailles was brought up the night before, but we decided we'd rather stay in Paris instead of doing a day trip. So we headed off to the D'Arc for some pics. Of course Natasha was as un-cooperative as ever to let us hold her and take a photo so we ended up with a twisty toddler instead.

We walked down the Champs D'Elysee, had some breakfast and then headed to the Eiffel Tower. I had been in Paris for a week and had not went, waiting for Saturday so that Owen and I could go together. He has seen it numerous times, but I had not. I will say I was not disappointed. The park/greenery surrounding the Tower is beautiful. There were many couples, families and children running around enjoying the summer day or just laying on the ground relaxing. I could have spent the entire day there enjoying the sun.

Natasha was impatient though after a little over an hour and we were suppose to meet up with Sannie to return her stroller so we headed off to the Metro. We went back towards our hotel, hit the mall to exchange Owen's watch for one not as big/bulky, ate some lunch and then went to the hotel. Owen napped, Natasha did not (she napped for 45 mins while we were out) and then we went to meet Sannie to give her back her stroller.

After we met her, we went back to the Eiffel Tower where we went down to the Sein for our River Cruise. Natasha hated most of it (tired) but I found it enjoyable. Plus at this point in our vacation I was getting use to the daily tantrums so was able to block her out fairly well. hehe Yes I'm a horrible mother.

We had tickets to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, but bc of Natasha's mood, we decided to veto going up and just had back to the hotel. I needed to pack, Tash needed to go to bed and Owen was cranky from Natasha being cranky. :p

Sadly that was my last day in Paris. I left Sunday morning at 8am and spend a super long day travelling back to Alberta.

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