Arc de Triomphe & Shopping with Sannie

We got a late start to our day yesterday and it did not bode well with Nastasha. Since arriving in Paris I am up by 7.30/8am and we are out the door by 9am at the latest. Yesterday though we were meeting Sannie again at 1.30 to do some shopping and since the only thing on the agenda for the day was to see D'Arc Triomphe, I had some time to kill in the morning.

We left around 11, earlier then I planned as Natasha was getting ansy in the room and driving me crazy. I braved the Metro once again and went to Charles De Gaulle Etoile to see the D'Arc. I asked Sannie if I had to walk anywhere once I got off the Metro and she assured me that there was no way I could miss the Triomphe and she was right. :p

We went up the stairs and right there was the D'Arc. It was HUGE (not that I expected any less) and quite an impressive monument. I walked around the traffic circle taking pictures before I noticed the entrance to go under the street to come up in the centre of it. I thought it would be neat to see it up close so headed over. Again, not stroller friendly. You go down a flight of stairs to get to the underground walkway and IF you want to take an elevator up one floor (which is barely even a full floor) they charge you 5.50 Euro. There are no ramps for wheelchairs or strollers so I'm assuming even though it says "Wheelchair accessable" they mean "For 5.50 Euro we are wheelchair accessable" :p

So feeling more and more like a pack mule I treked up more stairs (getting pushed a couple of times by other tourists) to get inside the D'Arc. I'll admit while it was 'neat' I liked my view from across the street much better.

I left after walking around briefly (really there is not that much to see) and then walked down Champs Elysee to go to the Franklin Metro to meet Sannie for some shopping. It was a nice few hours of shopping (We only lost Natasha once, oops!) before we sat down at the cafe for a Hot Chocolate (yogurt for Natasha) before we left and I came back to the Hotel.

I did not stop in many shops as I was running a bit late to meet Sannie and knew Owen and I'd be back together on Saturday and have more time.

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